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What is this all about? Watch Carole Cadwalladr's TED Talk

The albums lower down this page contain the infamous Facebook advertisments used by many anti-EU campaigns. All except the Leave,EU ads below are from Parliament’s DCMS Committee Evidence. If you select Images below, you can then page through each album one image at a time or browse them all. [ Skip to Leave Ads ]

“There wasn’t enough cheating to make a difference”

There is a school of thought which claims that the ads below had little or no effect. This graph would seem to suggest that over 1.6bn impressions of these lies in the few weeks leading up to the referendum DID have a marked effect. Or please tell me what caused the uptick in Leave support in the last six weeks. “Three-fifty million and Turkey” was it?

It is shown here, but proving effect should not be necessary. The law was broken multiple times, maximum fines incurred and an ongoing police investigation because 7m of the UK electorate was bombarded with weapons grade psychometric influencing developed for DARPA and some of that was paid for with illegal money. It's akin to being brainwashed by criminals and you only have to listen to hear their lies still being repeated by Leavers nearly three years after the referendum to know it worked. Even some talk radio hosts are only now realising they were conned.

If you are reading this and thinking “what a load of crap!” it only further acknowledges their influence. You should try thinking.

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