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The link which brought you here resides in or relates to a copyright work protected by UK Law. For example, the right to copy files from the websites listed below is reserved. You may only make copies of files which exist there if you are entitled so to do. Generally, your licence to use files residing at the websites below - and others - extends to the viewing of such files on the World Wide Web but does not extend to reproducing these files (copying them) in other media (e.g. broadcast, print, etc.) or on other web sites, except those for archival, search, or other general function.

If you see something you would like to publish elsewhere, please be polite and ask first. You never know, you may receive a licence for free.

Below is not an exhaustive list of web sites to which this article applies, the copyright terms outlined here apply to any document which links to this page. Please enquire before linking to this page.

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The copyright to the files on these websites belongs to their authors and their assigns. Except for the purpose of casual viewing of the files on the internet using a world wide web browser, prior permission to duplicate any of their files elsewhere (e.g. for inclusion in another web site or otherwise published in any medium whatsoever) must be obtained from:

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