Picture - Play - Help

Under the each individual image on a Picture page in the carousel is an editable number with a couple of small buttons and a Play button alongside. Selecting the Play button will display the photos one at a time in an endless loop on more Picture pages. The number determines the seconds to elapse before the browser requests the next picture. The small buttons determine whether the images will have a white outline. Pressing Play underneath any individual image on a Picture page will play the entire Album starting at that image. Pressing Play on the Album page - showing all the photos in the album - will play them all from the first. Pressing F11 while a carousel of images is playing turns a desktop or laptop display into an auto-changing picture frame. If a carousel reaches the last image, it starts again at the first one. The interval can be set from 2 to 3600 seconds.

When viewing images individually (and usually larger)
Select an image in the Album or press Play to open a Picture page. When just one image is displayed on a Picture page, the arrow on the left loads the previous picture and the right arrow, the next. While Play is active using these arrows does not stop a carousel playing but they allow you to review an image or advance to the next before the countdown timer does.

To stop a carousel at the current image, press the Stop button. To return to the thumbnails, use the up arrow at the top of the page. The dots above the arrow represent the number of images in the current album. The current image is the red dot.

To load an original (source) image into your browser, select an image when it is displayed on a Picture page, i.e. alone with arrows. Use your back button to return.