Published on 16 Apr 2015
Throught the fence. Typhhon Display Pilot (@TyphoonDisplay), @RAFBBMF being moved, and AWACS lands.

Published on 11 Feb 2015
A familiar sight in the fens. I wonder how many realise their train could be powered by those mills.

Published on 5 Jul 2014
Sorry about the sound quality on this short clip but my phone can't cope with the P.A.!

Published on 30 Nov 2013
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Published on 10 Oct 2013
A rough cut of excerpts from Siobhan and my go at scuba diving in Crete about 10 years ago. Thanks Scuba Bobby!

Published on 5 Oct 2013
This is still the biggest TV I have ever seen. This movie demonstrates, if nothing else, that taking video on a mobile phone has improved immensely since October, 2005.

Published on 3 Sep 2013
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Published on 17 Dec 2012
I used some CCTV footage to try out the use of transparent GIFs. With apologies to Siobhan!

Published on 20 Nov 2012
Southampton Solent University Graduation

Published on 7 Sep 2012
A minute of raw footage of Gordon Reid on 5.9.2012

Published on 26 May 2012
A slideshow of a few of the photos I took at Lucinda and Adrians' wedding.

Published on 25 May 2012
A very simple montage of stills and footage from my mobile phone. Sorry about the sound quality of the disco...

Uploaded on 13 Jun 2011
The launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, 12 September, 1993. Filmed from the roof of the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Uploaded on 3 Apr 2011
Oxford and Cambridge University (Varsity) Boat Races 2011 at Hammersmith Bridge

Uploaded on 17 Dec 2010
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Uploaded on 4 Nov 2010
She's not gone for long

Uploaded on 9 Oct 2009
Fireworks on Blackheath, Bonfire Night 2005. Taken with a Yamada digital camera.

Uploaded on 31 Aug 2009
A tiny fraction of what could be seen before the upgrading.

ploaded on 23 Sep 2008
Web cam footage of S. leaving.