Published on 27 Jun 2014
This woodpidgeon seems to be hoping that the rain will clean the underside of its wings.

Published on 23 May 2014
This may explain why the nuts have been going quicker than usual. He has become quite a regular visitor. It's a cat (Foo) entering the garden which scares him off. I love the upside-down technique.

Published on 26 Jan 2014
Ah. Looks like this could be the pair of Blue T1ts who have adopted the nestbox at the back of the house. Hard to tell but this is the first time I have managed to catch two on this feeder-cam.

Published on 17 Jan 2014
Obviously down to the dregs in the bird feeder and the Blue Tit chucks out all the seeds he doesn't like.

Published on 17 Dec 2013
Birds interacting at the feeder.

Published on 16 Dec 2013
Robin has been tweeting again this morning.

Published on 15 Dec 2013
Now, WITH SOUND, play this to your cat for maximum pleasure.

Published on 12 Dec 2013
Just in time for Christmas, I have a new visitor to my window feeder

Published on 7 Dec 2013
Sunflower hearts camera left and crshed peanuts camera right. But which one does birdy prefer? Today's 14 visits to my window feeder.

Published on 27 Nov 2013
One or two birds? In the last two clips here it's either a scruffier bird or its been in a cat's mouth.

Published on 22 Nov 2013
Blue tit at my window-mounted bird feeder.

Published on 15 Jun 2013
Be patient. Watch the rain. Our Carrion Crow is hoovering up the bits which are out of shot.

Published on 15 Jun 2013
Do I put bread out just for you? You can't be eating it all and you are our solitary crow. What are you doing with it?

Published on 15 Jun 2013
Okay. How many bits of bread can I grab this time?

Published on 15 Jun 2013
Just how many bits of bread can a Carrion Crow hold at once?

Published on 17 Apr 2013
Red kites swoop for cheese-on-toast scraps at 1/4 speed and a raven gets a look-in

Published on 16 Apr 2013
A Red Kite swoops for a tiny scrap. Again. 1/4 speed.

Published on 14 Apr 2013
A Red Kite swoops for a tiny scrap.

Published on 13 Apr 2013
He has no right being called a sea bird.

Published on 13 Apr 2013
Red Kites.

Published on 13 Apr 2013
This magpie is one of the local mob and the rain hasn't stopped him checking out the half-pasties I threw out.

Published on 7 Apr 2013
This little blue tit has just spent nearly five minutes being fussy. Uncut CCTV webcam footage.

Published on 2 Apr 2013
My little friend is back again on this sunny afternoon.

Published on 12 Feb 2013
It's been a busy afternoon too. Still just the one Blue Tit that's found the feeder.

Published on 12 Feb 2013
He's back.

Published on 22 Jan 2013
Here he is once again. Yesterday's and today's visits so far. They seem to be becoming more frequent. Sorry about the 4.95 Tesco Value webcam: it struggles a bit with the snow and its auto-exposure.

Published on 16 Jan 2013
Here he is once again. The camera is one of my webcams, The latest still from each camera is here:

Published on 13 Jan 2013
Here he is again. Three visits editied together.

Uploaded on 22 Jun 2011
Our garden in Spring

Uploaded on 2 Mar 2009
Yesterday morning I left a camcorder filming a bird feeder for an hour or so. This is a montage of all the visits during that time. Bird spotters are welcome to comment on this video with the names of the species visiting our Buckinghamshire garden.